A Twinkling Shame

new years resolutions
are like christmas lights
and the shame of finding them
streaming proud before your eyes
in late july

these unending revolutions
and the speeches on streetcorners
angry squeak youth and the bearded barnacles
clinging to each lamp and storm drain
cobbled and stoned

these the visionaries
what with their megaphones
what with their microphones
with all their aloneness
their alabaster zen
and all the wind that blows

past the mowing man
past a tributary traffic
and the sidewalk chalk
screams, past beat COPS
the blind men sleeping
in newspapers dreaming

the tropes the toads and gems in spat
the vowels that roll and mat on sky
the embers float and gleam and die
the 24 hour blink sun going by
down in a cistern, lying low

its christmas lights
see em streaming from eaves
in late july


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