agenda dec20


things extremely high on my priority list

sketching a million concentrated glimpses of myriad leaf angles on branches, a “realist” exercise, schematic and symptomatic of ambiguity & its things, a goofy meditation on infinite forms. Fibonacci, ratios and harmonic theory, entropy and the limits of patience, empathy, observation ,perseverance, singularity, appearances, plenitude, powers of construction and arrangement. the exercises will lead towards a series of paintings of longlaned treelines under lamplight, with only tiny segments of the trees highlighted bursting out of the general silhouette pirouetting into the dark recesses of sky, imagination, dreams, song silence

light glimmering on tiny sections of otherwise obscured bridges, where would it fall and why, where the streaks decrescendo and silently continue along their own route. rail tracks, tiny shacks shrinking against hillsides huddled for warmth, dogs and cats in truce for warmth, crickets singing into megaphones and mirrors, no loneliness

cast light on extremely slight silhouettes over almost black backgrounds, or just the hint of a color spectrum with the last lights of a falling sun behind the horizon glowing orange greens beneath purple blue and a seasick charcoal a la whistler, edward hopper, to a limited degree turner. obscured things skulk in the foreground, tropes and gimmicks, ads and food wrappers, condoms and conch shells, symbols and religious trinkets, money and hairnets, shoes and diamonds, dewdrops and rusted tractors, barnacles and telescopes, tree branches and sawed off shotguns, ice cream trucks and tied circus balloons, stray dogs and television remote controls, perfume bottles and used diapers, pencils and cornucopia. these should be largely imperceptible, imperturbable, just hints and shadows, echoes of subconscious, subjective

melody lines accompanied by incredibly sparse arranged harmony usually following 6ths, reincarnating crosby’s “where will i be” in a new context, new divergent melodies spring off along with unrelated harmonic fields gradually drifting into silence or dissonant waves which resolve themselves abruptly or amplify and amplify until unbearable

stories reevaluating innocence as a concept, what it is, where and how. temporary blindness, sense and sleep deprivation, reappraisement and defamiliarization, hallucinations and premonitions, depolarization of superstitions and intuition, the rustle rules of fear and ears before a fingertip mystique

space, rush and hush


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