dancing shoes

me and she are stretching out some dancing shoes
and the shadows and spaces
and the empty doorways
and the ceiling fans grumbling
and the tumbling laundry’s ink
and the slink of the cat
and the sink’s slow bloop & hiss
and the ark box gathering words
and the window seat gathering clouds
and the passerbyes gathering time
and stashing it in deposit boxes
in banks in sinks in highway tolls, foxes

run faster than these and those
the shape of your clothes
weighs on me in shoots and glows
i dunnos and barbell hearts
It starts these circles turning


the warmth its just getting to be enough

we have just crossed those magical thresholds

i packed up all the sacred letters, retwined them

THE PAST. it went like this, a letter from a girl

Mais le vent se dissipe, s’éparpille et s’endort,
Et le soleil timide revient,
Lumière, dans le gris effrayant du ciel débonnaire.
Et les femmes se recoiffent,
Et les hommes baissent les yeux,
Et les enfants surpris voient leurs corps retomber,
Appellent le vent encore, avant de l’oublier.
Et tout autour scintille, le gris redevient bleu,
Le temps s’est apaisé.

Mais, seule, une petite fille,
immobile et ailleurs,
Entend encore le souffle du maître danseur,
Elle voudrait danser encore.
Et si de ses yeux humides semblent jaillir des perles teintées,
Elle ne pleure pas,
Elle sait qu’il reviendra,
Elle espère.


Far away from one another, the stars each stretch towards their new courses,

unaffected. unclotted. but what a riotous and wrenching affair it is, the birth and death

but here we are, in the new kingdoms


taking the morning air in full stare


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