enter the fox

september 3, 2010

One more bend of the somersault and its a face full of grass, tumbling over and under the wave at the beach as a child, desperate to swim towards the gulls, feet rocketing a face towards the sand in confusion. I watch my cat uncoil her body enough freely enough everyday that she falls from everything, counters, the backs of chairs, intention. i’m doing my own stretching, i see you as i open the door, my bags are all packed and you wear your hair across your face just so, your skirt falls across your thighs just though, a light in spiral around you, the gold glowing. You stretch one heel, arching an eyebrow. The bags exude their heaviness, the suitcase is brick and lead, it expresses its tediousness behind your swans silhouette.

i’m watching every material made by man slide across your shoulders, watching the hem slide across your side, watching your legs move from border to border. for half a second i see all the world in you, and then i see beyond it. you are watching me and i am swimming in you. you are holding onto me, steadying yourself on me, and i am a pit of red fire spiraling into the sky

green green green stretches an immensity. gulls and blood and sand and wind are all i am thinking. shells and streetlights, trails meander my mood across the mountains back to you, like water rushing from a mountainside from the shadow and fern


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