“Blog” is the one word you can type in with a slight misspelling into an internet search engine without coming up with porn. What I came up with was Bog.

A bog, quagmire or mire is a wetland type that accumulates acidic peat, a deposit of dead plant material—usually mosses, but also lichens in Arctic climates. Stardust, bones, the eternal deep gurgling behind sweet morning birdcalls. Shameful, disorganized, murky. Water flowing out of bogs has a characteristic brown color, from dissolved peat tannins. Creepy, profound, heavy and dangerous. Bogs are very sensitive habitats, of incredibly high importance for biodiversity.

So far as I can figure, the incentive towards a top secret blog, and a bog, a brown-market estuary operating beneath the visible surface, is nearly identical. So more and more life oozes up in the cracks between the permissioned realms of conventional explication and discourse, and the inane social insistence on remaining mysterious and distant will o the wisps to one another perseveres.

Bogs keep the world going, keep history from being washed away by the constant intentional rewriting of existence humanity ensures in order to perpetually feel young. Bogs are amulets hiding in wrinkles of the living mummy.

This blog, could we call it that- represents a larger trend, humanity living in the shadows of this idiotic baroque dance we maintain out of fear. Society remains afraid of fucking with the lights on. Some symbols, archetypes, are too heavy for our flimsy structured conventions and mangers, we want everything to accessorize with everything else, all our moods to avoid mercury, all our thoughts to be consistent, simple, concise, our prose terse, our nails trimmed, our shirts tucked in, our mealtimes and families honored.

Sometimes you want those symbols, however murky they are. However much they ring of “camp,” of “kitsch.” One must remember that kitsch is only funny because it is universal, we run from it like trying to shave, pretending to be other than beasts. And camp, fuck, everyone loves camping


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