Delayed Gratification

On again off again, the thick and thin
the veneer at the outside spindleboned band
Opaqued fault a sombre hued fold once told
the world I had a daughter,
that i got the blues
i don’t sleep
i don’t eat

ere getting there babe just around this here bend
perpend pretend You held me rended rent in a hairnet
like a fish out of water frocked and clocked at the shore
cock dazed and confused with no fight in the bright suburbs light
2am crucified against window slabs slant my fickle fern
hidden in a curtained plastic concern
transform to wet fret on my back
begat begotten beheld

there is you/ and then the world behind you
and if i could just get some sleep
if i could just lay and feel your heat
for more than the witch hour dream, all gleam and Boo

if and if and if, if this world of ours is just a jot, a drop you make
and my world just a dream you zip into the garage when i leave?

just run you outta this’ here crack town
block off that street & the clocks’ claveclick
pipe water wander in a sputter and cough

and the feet of your people
and the squeaking of doors
and the last moment hesitations
as the vaudevillian bores
hole into gory design, blocking the signs the stage

The man who looks for security, even in the mind,
is like a man who would chop off his limbs
in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble.

when i’m longing your breath like a death, moans droning
that sets hard on these walls like a sail, push to sea
dawn a leech it lynches under my sweet beds blush and hush
but we’ll wind and hinge in this tinderbox house, tapes hiss
blisswait for cardsfall, await your yawn dawn and shoo

showtime schematic sheets blow so much hair and the midday air
rustling us congregatory folk awaltz
to churches
to fields
and a quiet despair


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