Recently Reclaimed

its the same as ever, the guilty reprobrate grasped in retrobate snare, slip sliding weeks into years in an endless flood of distractions and minor disasters blushed out of their utter significance into the mainstream. none of this matters. nothing is sustainable out of this cadence. got to move brisker, organize, lean out, get some glare in my eye and some flashes of hunger over my teeth. im finding myself too caught up to daydream, just the shitsap pop pulses bleeding the world out of my mind. got to get to it, soldiers are cutting us down

and thus…

“New Canvas Coping”

inimitable power of subtle gesture.
sparsity and grace. simplicity and obstruction

birds eye view of night cityscape, potentially seen past silhouetted/highlight birds and tufts o cloud

nightsky spectrum studies against silhouetted suburbia features: power lines, rooftops, local trees and lampposts, traffic lights, fencing, bridges trains and glowing highways winding over hills, traffic neon veins and stretch mark glares of refracted light

compulsively compelling emotive silhouettes intensely focused away towards things, attenuated advertisements rearing their cajole carol and cavort. lines of sight, unreliable narrators, second person, omniscience and edward hopper

unreadable texture

spirals of tree branches bending into circles against sloped circle hills, refuse, tall grass, raising mist, nudes floating in dream, illuminated dust and jewels floating their way into star

strangers blurred along the subway winding stretch

cast light transformation as sky color reflects on pale textures and surfaces, battles of color and glow, benches and braidwire hedge fences, folk sleeping in newspaper quilts over vents in spiraling wafts of steam and cast traffic light a la gustav klimpt subversion

treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. in all shapes and situation

birch forests trying to bend over a vantage point, the quiet approach of a shadow in a bright sky snacked on by sparse branch canopy and simple line repetition, rhythm of color echoes
orchards and vineyards in arrangement and varying dimensions, partially obscuring into mist or fog, beams of sunlight, pools of water, strips of suborbital suburban simulcras, roving bands of dogs, termite seeming trails of cars and ants

mountains and chasms in sunlight and shadow at twilightor dawn

constellations and star clusters, versus time lapses traffic trails, inebriated travelogues

architectural elements juxtaposed to soft shapes and shells, transparent jewelry boxes, feathers and hair

hair floating in water as per natalie

footprints in moss and mud, near water

water and reflections, car reflections, reflections on bottles

studies in blocking and cropping

mall as a monster

seductions of the city, civilization elements as a giant woman, accessories those of the town and its consumption

empty parks and arrangements of trash

what is the purpose: gaining closure, celebrating transition, heralding change, encircling vision and conscious attentiveness, enforcing defamiliarization, earning awakening


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