We touch, we see, we smell, we fell
asleep like two cats, awoke all arms and fire
draped on branches, the bleachsting sun
cutting the soil to squares and jewel
ridging our foreward heads, beading the caverns
changing the flags at launching ships

the sun
glowing from your eyes
howling out through each breath
slipping sleek green through the snarls and snores
of a nameless kneeling house kept
catcrouched before its newspaper
reviewing the changes, watching dramas
folded, ironed, each to each
big moon peeking 3 windowbox in turns
stars jostle beneath curtainwings
longing, hoping, loving, loved
leaning jasmine bends
hold us like two doves

cooing over branches, silhouette
the bleached counters echo sighs,
the spectating grout crowds line up long &
a gleaming moon winks against the windshields
smoothing your cheek against mine

lampposts pulled in perspective,
drunk clouds dive above, climbing
your name on my lips
your lips on my eyes
your heart in my hands
your hair on my shoulders

the windowblinds bullfight the bright night sky


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