faster than commas

some stuff i’m salvaging from an old archivemay 19 2009 prayer, whiskey after leonard cohen’s democracy in the usa

Two shoes
up and back
back and forth
and asking askance
lead me to water
lead me to present
lead me to shelter, sobrietys visit
lead me to harmony
and lend me forgiveness
lead me to empathy, community, spirit
send me the viceral
and leave me superfluous
lead me to luminousness aching in worthlessness
lead me to energy
to endless desire
lend me satiation and mist of the fire
lead me to convergence
and lead me to rapture
lead me inquisition at drawing the master
lead me to memory
lend continuation
lead me to the prolonguing of all the things feminine
lead me to convergence and convergence together
and to quickening cohabitation at the dusks drear dream
lead me to parallelism and the black eyes that linger
lead me to polygamy and all morpheous things

to chaotic echos
singing bright loud as they cross

in the hope of collision, detection of loss

but lead me from apathy
and lead me from anger
lead me from pettiness
and making amends
lead me from judgment
from dappled dependance
lead me from despondancy
and absence of friends
lead from simulcras shimmering simmer
and lead me from idols to soft moving flesh
lead me from hanging and baying and praying
and lead me to someplace for taking this test

walk with me shortly or walk with me far
drugged in the deepness and darkness of war
flat in the sinews and broad in the crags
of the marrow and matter, the pretentious portents

in the napes and the valleys, the scattering tribe
at the aube of the summit, in the castles of pride

as you roam with me ever and roam with me wide
from the trinkets remembered of chaos inside
to the bantering chorus of a dampened remorse
and the bandaid bonanza of a busyness horse
and the clop and the gallop of a tender caresse
that is speeding a question much more that a quest

making fattened eyes brighter
in the drowning of blue
in the grasp of that spirit that emenates you
in the cloth of the linens you hold to your breast
and call mind or diminion, the opinions of friends

red radios outscreaming the bent tramps gentle hum
foggy outrocket spirals seed dead delirium

a gleam
cache of pauses
fjord stretch of the sallow skin
streamed silk against iron buttresses
glide jelly harness in the billboard sunset
breeze across the unraveling of this here dream


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